April 27, 2022

Dear fellow Flagstaff voters,


It is with a heavy heart that I have withdrawn my bid to become the next mayor of Flagstaff in the November 2022 Elections. As the only independent aspiring candidate for mayor, I submitted 1,836 signatures for my nomination last April 4. In response to a Candidate Petition Challenge filed by John Propster with the Coconino County Superior Court last April 18, the Coconino County Recorder audited the signatures on my nomination petition and found that 354 were invalid. This means my nomination fell short by 120 signatures to qualify to be on the ballot.

I remain grateful for everyone who signed my nomination petition with pure intention; for my family and friends who gave me their love and support; for supporters who helped me gather signatures even during extreme weather conditions; and for everyone who made financial contributions to my campaign.


I have reasons to believe that the challenge to my nomination was instigated by my opponents and their supporters who have gone out of their way to inject partisan politics in a supposedly nonpartisan civic engagement.
Although I did not meet the requirement for signatures, I can claim that I am the only independent aspiring candidate for mayor currently serving a full term on City Council who demonstrates tangible accomplishments and leadership on City policy and budget development for over 3 years. I intend to complete the remaining 7.5 months of my 4-year commitment and sworn duty to the people of Flagstaff as a Councilmember. I will do so with renewed dedication, integrity, and independence to pursue pragmatic leadership by focusing on local issues affecting Flagstaff communities and residents, seeking balance and workable solutions through meaningful engagement and consensus-building. 

Working and collaborating with diverse community partners, with my leadership and the accomplishments of our Team Flagstaff at the City, we will continue to work on breathing life into the initiatives we have been pursuing, to wit:

•    Support business success and job growth through robust business attraction, retention, and expansion

•    Advocate for state and federal dollars for local programs and projects on multimodal transportation, workforce housing, childcare, and environmental stewardship

•    Create and fund Business One-Stop Shop (BOSS) online portal and a BOSS service desk at City Hall for business resources and services from start-ups to business expansions

•    Create and fund a Robust Workforce Development Program to expand and strengthen current workforce development efforts by the City as a proactive stakeholder of Arizona@Work

•    Establish a Pipe Trades Apprenticeship Training Center in Flagstaff to train skilled and certified journeypersons (pipefitters, plumbers, welders, HVAC refrigeration) in northern Arizona

•    Develop a City-wide Cost Recovery Policy

•    Adopt a Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Mayor and Council


Thank you and I remain your public servant,

Regina Salas

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