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Write In Regina Salas for Flagstaff City Council

For the last 4 years serving on Flagstaff Council, Regina is fighting for Flagstaff families and creating new opportunities for Flagstaff.

Regina is actively involved toward business success, jobs, workforce housing,

transportation, and environmental stewardship. Regina cultivates relationships within our community.

Regina brings state and federal dollars to our local programs including job training, transportation, economic development, tourism and housing.

Why Regina Matters


I bring diverse perspectives and wide worldview to every leadership role I have held. My extensive background and experience in public governance from two countries (Philippines and USA), business sector, academe, and nonprofits are uniquely valuable capabilities in terms of community and economic development, policy research, analysis and advocacy, legislative development, budgeting, fiscal management, resource mobilization, labor dispute mediation, fundraising and friend-raising.


I represent the City of Flagstaff on the executive boards of Economic Collaborative of Northern Arizona (ECONA), Metroplan Greater Flagstaff, and Rural Transportation Advocacy Council (RTAC) for which I’ve been recently elected Vice-Chair. I’m also City Council’s liaison to the City’s Airport, Tourism and Parks and Recreation Commission.


In addition, I represent small business on the Arizona@Work Coconino Workforce Board. My volunteer work includes serving on the boards of Quality Connections, Flagstaff Leadership Program, Flagstaff Sister Cities International, and the Northern Arizona Lodging, Tourism, Restaurant Association.

Words From Regina

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Dear fellow Flagstaff residents and voters,


It is with renewed strength and commitment that I offer my whole being once again to serve you and our beloved diverse Flagstaff community as a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE for Flagstaff City Council in the November 8 General Election.

I’m the only independent serving on Flagstaff City Council for four years, and the first Asian-American immigrant elected on Council.  Having lived in Flagstaff for over sixteen years, as an Army mom and a business owner, I’m actively involved toward business success, jobs, workforce housing, transportation, and environmental stewardship. I cultivate relationships within our community. I bring state and federal dollars to our local programs.

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